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Our Mission

PTA serves Snohomish County by providing wrap around social services to at risk community members addicted to drugs and alcohol with a focused purpose to reduce harm to our community and create safe pathways for suffering individuals to find healthy solutions to their problems and stop the cycle of abuse.

We aspire to give our clients and community hope for a better future.

Our Values


We are connected and committed to our clients, our community, and each other. We believe connected relationships are the foundation upon which significant learning and change can occur.


We share a common set of values and care about each other and our impact on our clients, partners, and community as a whole.


We are honest and direct, yet empowering in our communication.


We treat our clients, our partners, our community members, and each other sincerely and with worth. Everyone has value and deserves a voice.


Our clients are immensely important to us. We fully support them and advocate on their behalf.


We are kind, caring, and willing to support our clients and each other through all the ups and downs associated with life.


We build you up because you’re worth our time, our attention, and our focus. We believe love is an action.

Service Leadership

As role models for our clients, our community, and each other, we strive to be vulnerable, authentic, accepting, present, useful, and curious in all our actions.

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Snohomish County Syringe Exchange

The AIDS Outreach Project & Snohomish County Syringe Exchange is a Syringe Services Program (SSP) of Pacific Treatment Alternatives. Our program is a 1-1 exchange, with staff’s discretion. We are not a syringe distribution program or a ‘needs based’ syringe program.

Contact Us

The AIDS Outreach Project &
Snohomish County Syringe Exchange
1625 East Marine View Drive, # 4
Everett, Washington  98201

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Office Phone:  (425) 258-2977