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The AIDS Outreach Project & Snohomish County Syringe Exchange is a Syringe Services Program (SSP) of Pacific Treatment Alternatives. Our program is a 1-1 exchange, with staff’s discretion. We are not a syringe distribution program or a ‘needs based’ syringe program.

The outreach portion of our project started in 1988 in response to the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with the newly discovered disease: HIV/AIDS. Our Outreach Staff took to the streets with ‘bleach & teach’ kits, condoms, and written information. They sought out individuals who were injecting drugs in areas of our county where injection drug use was known to be happening. Our staff offered HIV/AIDS education and risk reduction information so that people who were using could lower their risks of contracting or spreading HIV, and would know where to go to get tested for the virus.

In 1994, the Syringe Exchange portion of our program was implemented to further address the needs and lower the risk of people who were injecting drugs. Early on in the HIV epidemic it was determined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that injection drug use was one of the highest risk behaviors for contracting HIV and it remains a significant risk factor to date. Our program fallows the guidelines set forth by the CDC for a successful SSP to operate in a community. Our program provides many services besides syringe exchange (see below). We also work together with many other local groups and organizations to stay up-to-date with what is happening in our county as the current opioid epidemic effects us all.

With our current 2.6 full time employees, a group of loyal volunteers, and together with other community connections our program continues to educate and serve the population of Snohomish County who are experiencing addiction due to their injecting drug use. We also offer support and referrals to families and loved ones who may be struggling to understand addiction in a friend or family member and are seeking information and resources for their own ongoing support.

In Snohomish County in 1996, our program exchanged approximately 124,000 syringes.
In 2008, we exchanged approximately 500,000 syringes.
In 2017, we exchanged 2.2 million syringes.
In 2018 our yearly total of syringes exchanged was over 2.5 million.

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We Provide

  • 1 to 1 syringe exchange with staff discretion
  • For our exchange participants, brief Overdose Prevention Training and Overdose Kits that contain two doses of Naloxone/Narcan upon completion of the training. This service is offered to our exchange participants only as we have a limited amount of medication we have on hand.
  • Other health and harm reduction supplies including but not limited to sharps containers, condoms, lube and educational information, pamphlets and flyers
  • FREE Hepatitis C screening for anyone who uses needles for drugs OR has used needles for drugs in the past. This is only during our Thursday Drop-In Clinic.
  • Our Mercy Watch Medical team is available to address any medical needs our participants may have during our Thursday Drop-In Clinic.
  • Help connecting clients with treatment services and/or a community navigator who will help the client navigate the system to access treatment.
  • Basic wound care kits.
  • Limited client advocacy to assist clients in getting their needs met.
  • Fee HIV testing (when available).
  • Referrals to numerous community resources.
  • Learn about Naloxone/Narcan and how to avoid or reverse an opioid overdose: http://stopoverdose.org/section/learn-about-naloxone/
  • Stay up to date on what is happening in Snohomish County regarding the current opioid epidemic: https://snohomishoverdoseprevention.com/

Hours of Operation

Monday: Various office hours / Call or see Facebook for details

Tuesday: Darrington, Arlington, Smokey Point areas and Tulalip
Please contact us by 10:00am in order to be added to our daily route

Wednesday: Various office hours / Call or see Facebook for details

Thursday: 2:00pm – 7:00pm Drop-in Clinic at our office
In order to assure you will be seen, please arrive by 6:45pm, our doors will be locked promptly at 7pm with no exceptions. Please be timely.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Closed
We are usually not available on the weekends, but exceptions may be made based on program needs, individual situations, and staff availability.

Contact Us

The AIDS Outreach Project &
Snohomish County Syringe Exchange
1625 East Marine View Drive, # 4
Everett, Washington  98201

Get Directions

Office Phone:  (425) 258-2977
Email: aidsoutreach@hotmail.com

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